The Software Institute

Case Study
The SkillsNow platform - HireNow and LearnNow modules - has allowed The Software Institute to hire hundreds of new graduates, train them in the newest technologies, 100% remote.

The Software Institute is a technology consulting company - enabling their clients, who are some of the largest organizations in the world, to fill their immediate digital skills gaps. Where University Undergraduate Degrees do not prepare graduates for many of the new technology roles, that organizations need to fill quickly, The Software Institute plugs that gap by providing remote training and employment, to diverse and high-quality candidates, using the SkillsNow suite of tools; delivery work-ready technology consultants for cloud-based and cyber security functions.

The Software Institute has scaled their offering to a global audience, thanks to SkillsNow; HireNow and LearnNow modules, allowing them to deliver consistent hiring and training, globally.


What The Software Institute thought