Professional Development.Re-imagined.

Create clear Continuing Professional Development pathways for individuals or teams, for improved employee retention. 

Tools for your entire hiring workflow

Check learning progress and see what's next on your pathway.
See all assessment and examination results in one place.
Get an overview of your team's learning progress.
Identify and fill skills gap in your team.

Transform skills development in your organization

Capture and track the skills and experience of all your human assets as they develop their careers. Keep an overview of all the skills across your organization, spotting gaps and building synergy.

skills dashboard

A central database of skills within your organization that is updated in real-time.

Find talent to fill
your skills gaps

When a skills gap occurs – you can look to within the organization for the skills that you need, rather than going to the potentially unnecessary expense of hiring externally.

Design development

Provide employees with a clear training and development pathway, to improve retention.

An instant way to
show their skills

Keep your team's skills front and center with our Skills Passport — an accessible learning log for every member of staff.

A strategic view
of your team's skills

Monitor the skills analytics for your entire organization, and develop quantifiable insight to futureproof your human assets.

Learning materials

Bring all of your training together

Connect to multiple sources of learning materials to develop your workforce through DevelopNow.

Internal course libraries

External course libraries

On-demand training subscriptions

Software vendor material

Curated external content

Learning Pathways

How to create learning pathways



Use DevelopNow's intuitive tools to design a learning pathway for an individual team member or a whole team.



Assign training content from your internal learning library or connect to external training providers.



Bring new bespoke learning content into DevelopNow and assign it to your pathways.



Design online examinations or connect to external examination bodies to test and approve new skills.



Monitor the consumption and pass rates of all learning in every pathway with DevelopNow's powerful analytics.

Skills Passport

The skills they need for the team you need.

Plan a custom development plan for every member of your team and issue a personalised Skills Passport that shows their skills.

Clear for them

By providing a clear roadmap for their professional development, your staff can feel confident in how their career's moving forward.

Clear for you

Personalised targets within a standardised workflow gives your organization the best of both worlds: motivated staff and management clarity.