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Attract the best talent.
From anywhere.


Attract talent

Create unique links to post job ads on external platforms, leading talent straight to the job specification and the full application process.


Manage your whole application process

No need for other application systems - run the whole application process within SkillsNow.


Run and record video interviews

Host video interviews with your applicants wherever they are in the world. Then get a second opinion on candidates by saving and sharing their interviews with other people in your team.


Everything you need, on hand

Never lose a resume. You can save all candidates’ details and documents in their SkillsNow profile.


Assess applicants

Design and deliver skills assessments quickly and easily. Get started instantly with our off-the-shelf templates, or design a bespoke assessment for the role.

Onboard your team.
Train your team.


Build a customized training portal for your team

Deliver training online to an individual, team or your whole organization. Fully customizable assessments and tools give you full visibility of what your staff is learning and when.


Bring your own training content, or let us help

Add your own training content right into the portal, or ask our Solutions team about how SkillsNow can provide bespoke and off-the-shelf training packages to suit your needs.


Perfect onboarding for every new team member

Give a consistent onboarding process every time. Add training and universal company content for each new staff member. Build automated learning workflows.


Track progress with built-in assessments

Design assessments or use our assessment templates to assess skills after team members have completed their training.

Build your learning culture.


Harness your most valuable assets

Your people are your organization's most valuable assets. Build their talent and skills from a centralized development hub, deploying bespoke training plans and charting progress across your whole team.


Help your team adapt

Develop Now gives you the tools, training content and analytics  to let you tap into the potential of your human assets in a more agile way.


Identify and fill skills gaps

Use our tools to measure how internal development could fill the skills gaps in your team, compared to hiring new staff.

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