Onboarding & training.

Consistent, best-in-class onboarding and training, building trust with individuals as they enter your organization. 

For training. And communications. And more.

Tools for your entire learning workflow

Plan training and onboarding.
A single place to plan and access each team member's training
Create your own training right in the LearnNow platform.
Connect to external training providers to import content.
Watch video classes without leaving LearnNow
Learn alone or with a cohort
Design and deliver skills assessments
Integrate external examination providers

Transform your training

Set the tone of your inclusive company culture where everyone feels valued and respected throughout their career. LearnNow hosts the onboarding and training for individuals as they enter your organization, as well as being a communication tool to broadcast information and insight, instantly.


Cut down on the drop-out rate of talent.

Build vital

Ensure that individuals are equipped to begin their job role.

Build staff

Build trust with employees from the beginning of their journey.

Communicate with the right people, instantly

Communicate with individuals, teams, entire organization.

Keep an overview of your organization's training

Monitor and track training & content consumption.

What LearnNow can help train

LearnNow's hosted onboarding and training includes:


Cyber Security
Health & Safety
Legal training & disclaimers
Employee benefits
Human Resources protocols
Employee services