The SkillsNow culture

We have created a culture of trust within our workforce; where creative minds can flourish, driving innovation and a happy place to work.
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Where trust grows – creativity flows. Creativity is the vital ingredient to our success as a global technology innovator. This comes from building trust between colleagues, as our highest priority, ensuring that each individual across our organization feels free to express their ideas, be inquisitive and feel empowered to develop into new territory. 


In order for all individuals to thrive at work we go beyond empathy in our approach towards others. Our culture of nurturing and mentoring talent, and a willingness to ensure respect for every individual; by being aware of the key issues within Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, provides a healthy environment for staff.

Continuous learning

No matter what your job role or experience level is – everyone is continually learning. We learn from experience, research, insight and training but, most importantly, we learn through the experience of failing. In our eyes failing is growing and that is accepted and celebrated so that individuals feel fearless, and are in the right environment to succeed, develop and flourish.