SkillsNow for Human Resources

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Your complete toolset for building and developing your team.

Find, train and retain talent

SkillsNow gives you all the tools you need for end-to-end talent acquisition and development.

One place for

Applications, assessments, save resumes, conduct & save online interviews, review candidates in real-time with multiple stakeholders.

One place for

Add content, monitor content, create examinations or assessments, send internal updates to individuals, teams or your whole organization and monitor engagement.

One place for

A single place to access all your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training material and CPD analytics tools.


Be part of the interview process with your hiring agencies – so that their initial online interviews are saved and your team can review them.

Consistent hiring workflows

Ensure that the hiring within your organization is consistent – where hiring managers, HR, hiring agencies and other stakeholders are hiring and onboarding staff.

Effective onboarding for everyone

Build trust with your new talent by ensuring that their experience with hiring and onboarding is conducted in line with your company values and employer brand, across teams, offices and countries.

A single point of truth for HR

Ensure that all hiring and training data is in one place, with a single dashboard for your team.

The tools for Human Resources

Power your Human Resources department with our full range of hiring, training and development tools.

Attract the best talent.
From anywhere.

Onboard your team.
Train your team.

Build your learning culture.

Skills Passport

The skills they need for the team you need.

Plan a custom development plan for every member of your team and issue a personalised Skills Passport that shows their skills.

Clear for them

By providing a clear roadmap for their professional development, your staff can feel confident in how their career's moving forward.

Clear for you

Personalised targets within a standardised workflow gives your organization the best of both worlds: motivated staff and management clarity.