Beyond Diversity: Working Moms 2022

Beyond Diversity: Working Moms 2022

As part of our series of research around diversity and inclusion we aim to service those who fall into a category of people who are often misunderstood, with pre-existing bias's often working against them, by raising awareness of the real uncut data to help drive change.

At the beginning of 2022 we commissioned a piece that focussed on working moms' needs, with 520 responses - a significant start. The piece revealed that although many moms feel that they can add more value to their role at work since becoming a mom, that they do encounter discrimination and that they have often experienced mental health issues after becoming a parent. By providing more flexible working - hours, location, training and development - many feel that they would be able to and would like to progress to the next step in their career.

With moms feeling more empathy towards others, especially other parents, since becoming a parent - they can help drive a culture of empathy towards new parents, as well as those with mental health issues. To cater to the needs of working moms - it will inevitably lead to higher retention and stronger employer brand equity.

We have created an infographic to summarize the insight from our research, below. By sharing this with people managers, HR, L&D, and DEI individuals and to your network we can help to drive positive change, within the workplace.

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